Where to Eat in Bogotá

We recently spent a very short weekend in Bogotá,Colombia we attended a beautiful wedding and since we couldn’t do much tourism from the lack of time, well we ate instead.

I was surprised to see how nice people were. Everyone was very welcoming which I loved. From the hotel staff to the lady selling us empanadas (ugh I totally wanted to bring her back to Miami with me) everyone was welcoming and ready to help.

So here are the most delicious places to visit when in Bogota

Disclaimer: I wish I had taken more pictures. Pictures are not great because we wanted to enjoy our meal, not have a photoshoot with it. 

Empanadas Tipicas

This place is tiny just a grab and go, but oh so tasty!

Image result for empanadas tipicas bogota zona t*pictures are not my own.

They have the traditional Colombian empanadas of chicken, beef, cheese, ranchera (which is cheese and sausage), and more. Each one of them was so delicious, with a perfect crust.

Image result for empanadas tipicas bogota zona t*pictures are not my own.


This place was recommended to us multiple times by the friends we met, so we obviously had to give it a try. We went during brunch time and it was packed. After waiting in line for a bit it was our turn to try it. It did not disappoint.


It was tasty and everything was fresh. We ordered a basket of breads, some pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice.


Club Colombia

We received many recommendations from locals to visit this place so after a long night of partying (because of the wedding), we made our way to Club Colombia. The food was delicious. We sat there for a few hours just ordering plate after plate. We ate so much we were worried we would not be able to make it to dinner with an appetite.

Breakfast table set up with cheese and arepas, empanadas and juices.

We enjoyed a delicious Colombian arepa, which means you eat it with the toppings on top rather than inside like you would a Venezuelan arepa. We had some more of the delicious empanadas, and fresh juices. Everything was just delicious. Looking back to all the delicious meals we had, I think we need to go back just to eat some more.

Andres DC

Of course we could not leave Bogota without trying the famous Andres Carne de Res, although the original was a little to far out for us we tried Andres DC which was a few minutes away from our hotel walking. The place is mesmerizing the moment you walk in. Decoration was meticulously chosen for every corner of the restaurant. We had a special surprised since Jack Black was eating there and did a small performance for the other diners.

Table with meats, sausages, olives and wine glasses.

I don’t think I have had chicharrones before, this place had the best chicharrones ever! As I type this I crave them, they were accompanied by this avocado type sauce, oh so good!

Table set up with pork rinds and sauces.

We also ordered a very typical dessert from what we were told. It doesn’t look very appealing but don’t let looks deceive you. This is cheese and arequipe or dulce de leche. It actually tasted delicious!

Picture of a dessert of cheese and dulce de leche.

Also, do yourself a favor and eat all the Choclitos you can before you leave. I regret finding out about them on my last day as I waited at the airport. They are crispy chips full of lime flavor, so freaking delicious.

Hand holding a green bag of Choclitos chips.



  1. Ari
    December 9, 2019 / 11:30 am

    Loveee it! Reading this post made me hungry

    • Antonella Nakfour
      December 9, 2019 / 5:36 pm

      I got hungry writing the article! #bestfood

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