A Weekend in Pittsburgh. 

After a month and a half of constantly bugging my baby brother, he finally wrote the story from our first trip together to Pittsburgh, PA.

As written by my 17 year old brother.


I have never really felt as if I belong here in Miami. I guess you can say it’s my home since I grew up here and all of my family and friends live here but I’ve never felt as if Miami is the place where I am meant to end up.

Just like my sister, I daydream every now and then about when I will have the next opportunity to get on a plane and travel to another faraway land. Traveling gives me the chance to open my mind even more as well as letting me see the world in another perspective.

Pittsburgh is one of the few other places I have visited in the United States and aside from New York it was the only other place where I felt at home. Just being surrounded by the city wherever I was standing made me smile like a child on Christmas morning.


Having lived in Miami for most of my life I was eager to be able to visit another piece of the United States.

Since Miami has a very high population of Latinos, I was very enthusiastic to be able to visit another part of the world with different customs. Coming from a very multicultural background, I wanted to experience all of those different American cultures that I would not regularly see by just walking down the streets of Miami.

The main reason my sister and I had traveled to Pittsburgh in the first place was so that we could take a tour of Point Park University, which was on my list of universities I wanted to apply to. Fortunately, about a month ago I was accepted.

I have always had this fantasy of me hopefully moving away for college and being able to find myself and what I am meant to do here and what my purpose is.

Not only was I able to educate myself on how different the North is from the South, but also I was able to walk around and discover this city that could possibly be my home for the next couple of years.


Although this was a short two-day trip, it garnered so many wonderful memories between my sister and I. From walking the Andy Warhol museum and acknowledging his art which is a big part of the history of Pittsburgh to having to battle the freezing weather, that felt colder than the Ice planet of Hoth, as we walked to our hotel which felt as if it was in total isolation.

Nevertheless, this trip to Pittsburgh definitely brought my sister and I closer together and made our unbreakable bond even stronger.

All images © 2000-2016 Antonella Nakfour.


  1. December 24, 2015 / 12:12 am

    Pittsburgh the over looked city. i really have to visit there.
    thanks for sharing

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