Paris, City of Lights.

Paris for some people is a fairy tale destination. A dream that someday they wish they would accomplish and get to see. For others, it’s just another exotic city. Once you visit Paris, you understand the fascination. Walking through the streets of Paris is like stepping in a movie or an old story tale.

Paris is the city of love or so they say.

Once you see it,anywhere you walk is like a story, is like the town from Beauty and the Beast (if you are a Disney fan, like myself).

There are so many beautiful gardens and places to walk around. Paris just has a certain charm. Strolling through the streets of Champs-Elysee along with all the high end stores and tasting different pastries from the many bakeries is such a charming experience.

While waiting in line to go up the steps to the Notre Dame, I recommend getting a small box of different flavor macaroons to spend the time choosing your favorite.

I had the opportunity to visit Paris back in 2012 with my brother. At the time, I had a close friend living there and so it was the time to visit and see what Paris was all about.

As European citizens under the age of 26 all the museums and monuments are free of charge except for the Eiffel Tower. Therefore, Paris was a great destination since anything we didn’t spend on entrance fees we spent it on tasting delicious local markets and bakeries. Let’s just say it was money well spent, we walked a lot around Paris and stopped along the way in any bakery that caught our attention to try delicious foods and pastries like macaroons of all flavors or freshly bakes croissants. We ate so much that by the end our trip my friend was traumatized with how much my brother and I could eat in a day.

When you travel to a different country always try to experience the culture and the customs. That is the best way to feel like you belong there and see what that place is really like. I love staying in hostels and eating in the traditional little markets and bakeries. Don’t go for what you know like a McDonald’s or Burger King always try the little places around the town.

Our excuse always was “we never know when we will be back,” and with that we ate as much as we could.


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