November – You Might Like To Read This

We have made it to November. This year has been everything but expected. I still remember ringing in the New Year sure that this year would be the one with the most adventures and accomplishments. 

Two months into 2020 proved that no one was ready for what was coming, a pandemic. A life-changing situation that would change even the way that we interact with people. 

All of a sudden we were seeing friends, coworkers, and loved ones through a screen for months. We were no longer encouraged to hug or kiss people, something that goes against my Lebanese upbringing. 

We needed to wash our hands more than usual and our faces are covered with a mask with only our eyes to show who we are. 

Clorox, anti-bacterial, and surgical masks became sold out everywhere we looked. We lost loved ones to a virus we don’t really understand. We were asked to stay home and keep social distance when outside. 

Life changed, travel was canceled all over the world. People’s lives were impacted, but somehow we are here today beginning the month of November.

We don’t know until when face masks and social distancing will be enforced, but as a community, it’s important to care about following the rules to make sure we are not spreading the virus to the most vulnerable. 

Our mental health has been put to the test, I know mine has. Although at first, I felt bad for not being as productive as I could have been, I knew I needed time for myself to not be stressed or overwhelmed with how life was changing around me. 

It has certainly been a trying year but November is here and with it the beginning of the holiday season. During this time, it’s important now more than ever to remain aware of the importance of taking the right precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe. 

This has certainly been a different kind of year but let’s try to end it healthy and by spreading love. 

Stay lovely,

The Blonde Habibi 


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