Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

I think I first saw the Museum of Ice Cream existed in Instagram. This museum was in Los Angeles and later popped up in New York or vice versa. Point is it looked fun and far, I had been to LA and had totally missed this!

But luckily for me and thousand others, this museum made it’s way to Miami, because duh, what better place to bring so much pink and cute stuff than Miami?

I had heard both positive and negative feedback regarding the museum, that it’s overpriced (regular admission is $38 plus taxes), that it’s timed, that it’s so pink and perfect for pictures, etc.


I had to experience it for myself so when tickets came back on sale, I had to visit.

Parking in Miami Beach was a hassle so Uber or Lyft if you can, specially during  the Boat Show (facepalm). From the moment you check in at the entrance till the moment you leave the gift shop the vibe is very cheerful and fun.

You are greeted at the entrance by Chocolate Chunk (no, not a real piece of chocolate but a super cheerful guide), she pretty much preps you up for what’s to come and gets everyone excited for the museum.

From there you enter a world of pink, pink everywhere! It may be heaven for some people. The museum takes you to four floors of different themes with different style ice creams to try and incredible set ups for amazing pictures!

One of my most favorite rooms was certainly the sprinkle pool because there is just something about a pool filled with sprinkles that makes you feel like a child all over again. The whole experience is very upbeat so not a bad way to spend a Sunday after noon.


All opinions are my own.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 19, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    Loooooveee ittttt ??

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