Europe 2010 089 (2)
It has been a month since I moved to this charming city in Spain. Although it took me a while to adapt to its different customs, I feel a little bit more at home. I have managed to learn how public transportation works while learning my way around town. I have to admit I do miss driving from time to time but it’s very liberating to not be stuck in traffic at all times.


I have been exploring more and more everything this beautiful city has to offer. I have been battling with the weather. Some days are good others are a little bit colder.
I managed to find a public library near me although they have a limited selection of English books. On days of good weather, I like to spend my afternoons at the Parque del Retiro with a nice book.

I may or may not stay for the whole ten months but while I am here, I am trying to make the best of my time and enjoy delicious Spanish food.



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