I had the opportunity to visit the city of León; although I had a short stay I was able to appreciate its nice fall weather.IMG_6411
Living in Miami, you only really experience one season all year long, summer. I really like having the opportunity to experience the fall here in Spain. León had more green areas than Madrid so it was a nice city to walk around. In the city you could also smell the fresh air around you unlike in Madrid where the air feels a bit more murky every other day do to pollution.

The architecture was different from Madrid as well. The buildings were very colorful especially in the Barrio Humedo.IMG_6355
Some of the houses on the outside of the city were built underground, so you could only see a hill with multiple roofs. Most of the houses now are only summerhouses but it’s crazy to think that’s how people use to live or still live like now a days. It’s kind of like a cave house.


I also passed by the town’s church that is around a thousand years old. On the top you could see huge nests from storks.

I am very grateful I can see the leaves change it’s colors from green to yellow and orange.


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