Interesting Hobbies to Try in 2021 That Will Benefit Your Life

My goal for this year, after experiencing the pandemic lifestyle of being in a lockdown for months, was to channel all my extra time into doing things for myself. I wanted to explore different and interesting hobbies to benefit my life this year and break away from the routine of work, home, Netflix. Besides, of course, all the health benefits associated with hobbies like helping with stress, physical and mental health.

I wanted to try new things that maybe I would have never considered before or made time for before the pandemic. And that’s exactly what I have been focusing on these past months…can’t go out partying? No problem!


The first hobby I picked up was roller skating. I have had a pair of skates since I was 15 years old and hadn’t used them in years. I dust them off, went on Amazon, and purchased a set of protective gear. This would help me to feel safer while getting back to skating.

I found a park near my house, Doral Central Park, and started going every day I could. I was there in the mornings or afternoons. The park had a nice trail for bikers and walkers so there was more than enough space to skate and not be afraid of bumping into people.

Unfortunately, as of March 1st, the park has been closed for renovations so I am currently looking for a new place to skate daily, that is not too far from me. If you know of any please share them!

I’m not a very confident skater so I like to have space around me with not too many people. In the meantime, I have switched to evening walks of 40 minutes every afternoon to stay active which is also great health-wise and to destress.

Blonde woman roller skating in the sunset as a hobby.


I have never done pottery classes before but I saw a pop-up shop after work and I thought why not? It’s a new, creative and interesting hobby I can try. I signed up for the Tuesday classes, four sessions of two hours each.

Pottery class is such a great time to disconnect after work. You are working with your hands, and if you are like me and getting dirty has never been your thing this is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. James teaches the class and makes it look so easy and effortless but the moment you start handling that clay trying to shape it into a decent something that’s where things start to get wobbly.

In my first class, he managed to save three out of the five attempts at creating a flower vase.

No flower vase yet, but hopefully I’ll get one in the coming classes.

Pottery classes have been very helpful to help me disconnect from my day-to-day. I stop thinking about my to-do’s and the future and simply worry about gently forming my vase with a strong enough foundation.

You don’t have to know anything about pottery to sign up for classes. That’s why the classes are, there to help people like me that have never really tried to create anything with their hands before.

I recommend it, you’ll at least have some cute bowls and vases for your home décor.

If you’re interested in taking some pottery classes and/or just enjoying a new activity with a friend or significant other, click here.

Blonde woman molding a pottery plate on a wheel as a hobby.


Another interesting hobby I pick up recently is journaling. Journaling is the easiest hobby I think. You just need the commitment to do it every day. I choose to do it before bed. It helps me analyze my day, what I did, prominent thoughts throughout the day. I just write. I picked a journal I liked so I feel more encouraged to write along with my favorite pen of course!

It also helps me to keep the journal near the bed or on my bedside table.

I write for as long as my brain allows it. I am not feeling too inspired then I try to write at least half a page or a couple of lines.

This exercise helps me to maintain a clear head before I go to sleep. It also helps me to be more mindful of my thoughts throughout the day and to be aware of things that are bothering me unconsciously.

Image of a pink journal with a black pen as an interesting hobby.

What are some of your favorite hobbies this year? Let me know in the comments.


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