Holiday Gifting Guide – Small Business Edition

As we all know 2020, has been a very challenging year for many. People have been in a way forced to reinvent themselves and many small businesses have come out of this evolution.

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, I thought why not create a gifting guide of some of my favorite small businesses that you should consider when making your holiday purchases. Let’s help our community grow and succeed if we can, during these difficult times.

Here are some of my favorite women-owned brands –

MASK SHOP BY VANIA – Vania is a hard-working entrepreneur, the pandemic started and she knew there was a need to be filled. She creates face masks for children and adults in beautiful patterns and colors, and the best is that they are 100% cotton. Fashion and comfort! She just included masks/sunny cords which are made of crystals! So cute! Check out her Etsy store.

THE CLAY COTTAGE – Natalie creates the cutest clay earrings ever. They are all handmade and so comfortable because they don’t weigh anything, which is great. She has the cutest Christmas collection out now. These make perfect for holiday gift ideas! Check out her Etsy store.

CITTA CANDLE – I am currently obsessed with these candles not only do they smell delicious but they look so cute and artisanal. My favorite smell is Lemon Verbena, the perfect house scent! Get some for yourself and/or gift it to friends or family! Use my code: Nella15 for a 10% discount.

JUPITER CRAFT AND SHOP – If you are looking for personalized gifts or gift boxes, this is the place to go! Valentina creates the cutest gift boxes for every occasion in your life. Believe me, people will love that special touch. Check out her Etsy shop.

WANDERING WITHIN – This is another favorite for the moon-child of your life (or yourself!). They have so many cute moon ritual boxes and little gifts to buy for those brujitas in your life.

THE HAPPY CLUB by Kuki – If you are also looking for a way to give back, By Kuki brand is helping the children of Venezuela by donating 15% of their profits which helps in sending them food, shoes and other essential items. Check them out and contribute!

FEMME ZODIAC – If you are all about astrology and wearing your zodiac sign proudly (Gemini here!) make sure to see everything Femme Zodiac has to offer. They have all the items for you and your loved ones to wear proudly.

Let me know in the comments if there’s one you love that I didn’t mention.


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