First Time Traveling To Europe.

Traveling always seemed like something I dreamed of.

Traveling was something that I always wanted to do but it somehow seemed distant and not a possibility.

That was until my first trip to Europe.

The first opportunity I had to come to Europe was when a close friend of mine moved to Prague for a study abroad with her university. I started looking for ways to be able to visit her. I remember my mom and I trying to figure out budgets and dates. Trying to find cheap flights is not an easy task. Some cities are more expensive than others so while searching and looking for affordable options we came across a cheap flight to Madrid, Spain. That’s when my mom remembered she had a cousin here in Madrid I could stay with.

Europe 2010 2067
So I planned a month long trip. I was going two weeks and a half to Madrid and later Prague to meet with my friend and together we were going to explore a little bit of Poland as well.

That trip altered my life forever!

It opened my eyes to all the wonders of the world I had read about and seen in movies. It made me hungry to see more and understand more about the wonders around me.

Europe 2010 1926
It was my first trip traveling alone to countries where I didn’t even speak the language. It was such a rush and such a thrill that I haven’t been able to stop.

Having that cousin here in Madrid continues to open the doors for me to travel and be able to afford to travel as much as I do. It certainly saves me a lot of hotel nights!

Since 2010, my first trip to Europe, I have not being able to stop I try to travel at least once a year.

Now I live in Madrid and I continue to look for ways that help me pursue my passion for traveling.

Europe 2010 2075


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