Discovering Dunedin, Florida

On Florida’s Gulf Coast, there’s a small quaint little town with approximately 37,000 inhabitants nestled in Tampa Bay near the water, the City of Dunedin.

Entrance to Downtown Dunedin through Main Street

You see, back before the city was incorporated, it was known as Jonesboro. Two Scottish immigrants gave it the name Dunedin in 1882. Pronounce Done – eating. 

The name comes from the Scottish-Gaelic form of Edinburgh, Scotland, Dùn Èideann

The moment I came to visit, I fell in love with the city. How had I never heard of it? I was discovering Dunedin, Florida (not to be confused with Dunedin, NZ!).

Bagpiper at the marina right before sunset.

In addition, this small city with a big town feel is full of activities, public art in every corner, and rooted in its Scottish roots. With Honeymoon Island State Park full of cristal clear waters, hiking trails for all, open spaces, parks, riding trails, a wide variety of restaurants, and sunsets that leave you in awe!

Sunset at the Dunedin Marina.
Sunset at the Dunedin Marina

It truly is Tampa Bay’s best-kept secret. 

All there is to offer

This small town has it all. It’s no wonder people from all over the country, and the world comes and visit. Many are craving to stay and spend the rest of their years here in this peaceful yet very active city.

People Riding bikes at the Pinellas Trail in Downtown Dunedin.
Riding bikes at the Pinellas Trail in Downtown Dunedin

Every weekend you can find something to do, which I love. There’s the Pinellas trail where you can walk, bike, or even skate around. Also, there’s the marina offering boat tours and dolphin views.

In addition to this, there’s a market downtown every Friday and Saturday for most of the year, offering a wide variety of goods, bread, pastries, flowers, condiments, and more.

Dunedin Downtown Market

Downtown offers a wide variety of shops for all, and the best part is they are all local businesses. They have parades, festivals, and more to keep you entertained. 

Undoubtedly, of all the things 2021 gave me, this little heaven on earth is one of my favorites. I might be biased since I work there, highlighting their beauty and charm. 

Without a doubt, having the marina just a five-minute walk from my office is an incentive to leave my Miami life for this quaint town full of energy. I am still discovering Dunedin, Florida every day.

Dunedin art mural near the marina.
Dunedin art mural near the marina

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