Change. Something we desire and dread at the same time. At my 25 years of age, there is nothing I want more than to travel the world, see the unseen and experience a new wave of fresh air as much as possible. Now that I have the opportunity to move, to wander off to another continent far away from what I have known, I feel fear and uncertainty. I fear the change that is coming and facing the changes that will happen within me. I don’t fear leaving my family, for I know they will be here when I come back.  I thought a few months earlier that it would be easy to let go. To embark in this journey with no fear of what I was leaving behind. Telling myself that it was for the best. Well, now that I am a month away from this move, I fear leaving and it fills me up with anxiety, questioning if I am making the right choice. I know there is nothing I have wanted more than to travel and so I will fill myself up with courage and fly.


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