Career Choice.

When I was in college, I struggled with my major and what I wanted to do in the future. Since high school, I had decided I was going to do pre-Med. When it was time to enroll in college, that was the career path I chose but the more I got into science classes the less I liked what I was doing.

However, I continued with my pre-Med major because I didn’t know what I wanted to do instead. Two years went by like that, I continued to dislike pre-Med and started to develop more interest towards sociology. I took a few courses on sociology but I didn’t dare switch my major because I didn’t see it as a career choice.

While I continued to wonder what to do career wise and continued to waste time in classes I disliked, I had an aunt visit from Venezuela.

I guess she sensed my confusion and struggle choosing a career path and so we discussed the idea of going into journalism.

My mother graduated as a journalist. Growing up, my brother and I were always the subjects of her assignments. I grew up listening to her stories and anecdotes as a journalism student, always full of passion for a career she would later not be able to undertake.

That’s when I decided to switch majors from pre-Med to journalism.

I managed to graduate with an Associate Degree in Journalism six months later. I continued with journalism when I started the university pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree. The more I learned about journalism the more it thrilled me. I had great professors full of knowledge that fueled my love for it.

Journalism is such a flexible career, I felt like I could do anything with it. I could go anywhere and be able to undertake my career. While I was in the university, I continued my traveling and that’s where I understood how much power a journalist has. I could go anywhere in the world and start over.

Journalism gave me the freedom I was looking for, the possibility that I could travel anywhere I wanted to.


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