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Hello friends! My name is Antonella, welcome to The Blonde Habibi!

I decided to start blogging in the summer of July 2015 during my trip to Lebanon. This blog started with the purpose to share my experiences from traveling around the world while discovering myself. This blog has been evolving little by little with every new adventure.

A little bit about myself…I live in Miami for 21 years. I recently moved to Dunedin, Florida. It’s pronounced duh·nee·dn, I know I had a hard time too! I moved here for work and I have been loving it. A delightful beach town with a very welcoming vibe. 

Throughout most of the year, we are blessed with year-long summer, humidity, and some strong rains. I have been in Miami since the age of 10, before that, I was living in Maracaibo, Venezuela, otherwise known as “La tierra del sol amada” because of its high temperatures and the warmth of its people, where my wonderful parents met. I come from a multicultural background thanks to my dad’s ancestors immigrating from Greece to Lebanon and my dad moving to Venezuela escaping the civil war in his country. My mother’s father had a similar life when he left Italy and moved to Venezuela where he met my grandmother.

I grew up listening and speaking different languages and that’s where I developed my love for them. So besides speaking my native tongue Español and learning English during my school days, I also learned Italiano and took some courses to learn Française, and throughout the years I have picked up some Arabic at home.

From a young age, I have had a liking for girly things like fashion and make-up. For a long part of my life, I was involved in the modeling industry as a model and later on as a modeling instructor. This adds to my love for travel and exploring new cultures. Here you can find where I have been in the world as well as what I like to wear.

Come with me on my journey of this lovely thing called life.

Blonde woman walking in the Island of Delos in Greece.

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