Visiting Jordan: Amman & the Dead Sea

This past summer I spent my birthday very far away from home, I spent it in Jordan. More specifically covered in mud and floating in the Dead Sea!

Coming from a Middle Eastern background has made me appreciate learning about cultures and exploring new places, which is the biggest reason for why I travel whenever I can, and as much as I can.


In Jordan, everyone was extremely welcoming which was an incredible feeling seeing as people tend to have certain fears when it comes to Arab countries and girls traveling alone.

We were always greeted with a friendly “welcome to Jordan!”

We felt safe walking around the streets of Amman, when we were lost we would ask around. Everyone was always friendly and willing to help. I don’t recall a time where we felt afraid, of course always using common sense and being aware of our surroundings.  It’s important to be mindful of the culture and customs of where you are as a traveler, there are certain rules and customs you have to follow.

We dressed appropriately, always trying to be covered and conservative. We found cute little markets on Rainbow Street where we purchased most of our souvenirs since when we started traveling on the road we noticed those shops to be tourist traps with high prices.

We had day passes for the beautiful  Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea and that’s where I spent the day of my birthday. The resort was very modern, beautiful and with a huge pool area and access to the Dead Sea. We spent the day covering ourselves in mud which locals claim is great for your skin. The sun was high in the sky, the water was warm so not very refreshing and oh so salty!

We. Were. Floating. Effortlessly. Just lay down and let your body float. It was an incredible experience and a mindful way to connect with nature. We felt like we had recharged our energies to the fullest, it was such an incredible experience.


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